Ashley Raburn

Ashley wears many hats. He is a Husband, a dog owner, an employee, a tinkerer, a collector, and a fan. Ashley is an Instructional Technology Speacialist at a local community college where he administers, trains on, and offers techincal support for the LMS. He also is an advocate for new and social technologies on the campus and beyond.

Ashley is one of the founders of the Tennessee Who Authority, which is a Tennessee Wide Doctor Who fan group that has spawnws several local chapters. Ashley also helps with TimeGate a Doctor Who, and Stargate convention that takes place in Atlanta, GA every memorial day weekend.

Recently Ashley has began connecting with toy collectors in the area to for a collective of collectors and sellers so peoplw can find what they are looking for be that buyers or sellers.

Through all of these hobbies Ashey has found ways to connect to people and connect people via new and social media.