Hi! We're two sixteen year old girls, living in the beautiful state of Hawai'i! We discovered a band named One Direction a year ago, when they were on the X Factor! Since then, we've both agreed that our dream is to meet these five inspiring boys.

We'd love to be able to have the chance to see them live in concert. We've set up this project, called A Hug From One Direction. Have you heard of the boys who did the Hug From Taylor Swift? We're doing kind of the same thing, hoping to get the boys' attention.

We will be going around the island and posting YouTube videos of us visiting some of the best parts of the islands. We will be completing 'tasks' and sending them to the boys. Any help from you guys would be incredible!

What we'll be doing;

1. Sing 'What Makes You Beautiful' at Waimea.

2. Jump off the Waimea rock screaming 'WE LOVE 1D"

3. Shoutout from shave ice vendor to the boys.

4. Write '1D Forever' on Loco Moco take-out boxes.

5. Wear home-made t-shirts to the swap meet.

6. Hike Diamond Head and tell everyone about 1D.

7. Surf with '1D' on stomach.

8. Sing 'Up All Night' at the top of Kailua pillboxes at sunset.

9. Hula to Moments.

10. Leave 1D stickers all around Dole Plantation Maze.

Well, there you have 10 of our starting tasks for our Hug From 1D! We'll be posting videos as soon as possible, right after we complete the tasks :)

Thanks for your support, much aloha!