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Anna Hultquist

Capella University

My professional career in the field of education has spanned more than 25 years and included work as both an educator and administrator. In each setting I have been privileged to develop and manage educational programs that have supported students, faculty, the institution, and the populations they serve. In support of excellence, I have successfully moved programs through state approval and national accreditation efforts and provided leadership to support continuance of regional accreditation status. In support of educational access, I have designed and instructed numerous online and hybrid courses, developed fully online graduate programs, and managed local and regional professional development opportunities with supporting certifications. Throughout my career, I have been guided by the transformative power of high quality educational opportunities to meet the emergent needs of our global community

I have been with Capella University since 2008 as Associate Dean and Dean in the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Department of Counseling, Social Work, and Human Behavior. In these role I have provided leadership to a breadth of program operations focused on delivering high quality educational opportunities to working adults.

My career has taken me from coast to coast in the United States, with time spent in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Hampshire on the East Coast - Oregon on the West Coast - and Minnesota and Kansas in the Central Plains. In each location I have witnessed individuals who are seeking to contribute to their communities in a positive way by engaging in life-long learning. Through their educational pursuits they are increasing their knowledge and refining the skills needed to do so effectively. Unfortunately, many more individuals were unable to access the educational opportunities needed due to work commitments, location, and funding. The traditional model of higher education designed to meet the need of the populous early in the twentieth century is struggling to meet the emerging needs of today’s learners. In response to current demands, higher education is undergoing a period of transformation as it seeks to meet the evolving needs of a broad student base that encompasses a more diverse population. My professional commitment is to be a voice in shaping this next evolution of higher education taking place today.

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    • Dean
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    • PhD in Adult Learning, University of Connecticut