Levesque Crouch

Whoa! All the elegant strategies that I have seen other people use and that made me believe, 'Sheesh! I sure want to manage to try this'! They are all there! Just to give an example: instructions to you on how best to set small audio intros at the start of my audio products. It is all area of the dashboard's easy-to-follow step-by-ste.. I acquired my copy of Marlon Sanders' Info Product Dashboard just a couple of days ago, and this is my reaction after giving it-the first close look-over: Wow! Most of the fancy methods that I have seen others use and that made me think, 'Sheesh! I sure want to be able to do this'! They're all there! Merely to give you an example: instructions on the best way to put small musical intros at the beginning of my audio products. It is all the main dashboard's easy-to-follow detail by detail format. The data product dashboard separates the product design process into 6 weeks with 6 (daily) steps each. All the resources needed to complete them are either free or really involved as bonuses using the dashboard purchase. Every week also has a short audio introduction by Marlon himself, where h-e describes the six upcoming methods. I heard all 6 of the weekly previews immediately, so I've a pretty good idea what I will manage to do once I have completed the procedure. The points are nicely step-by-step and clear, therefore Im finding it all very do-able. Besides, Marlon's tech support is pleasant and helpful, in case I (or other people) should ever get confused! Not merely that, but there is even a discussion forum where each of the new dashboard owners can ask questions that are then responded. Pretty cool! The only disadvantage, if it can even be named that -- the first go-around will take me a great deal longer than 30 minutes per step, at least for many of the steps. I am still focusing on step one (and two), and some steps will certainly take WAY longer than half an hour. Does Marlon think we are able to determine an appropriate market and develop a targeted product for this in 30 minutes? Does he think we are able to find, and contact many possible JV partners in half an hour, oh, and negotiate a deal together, all in the same time-frame? Hes gotta be kidding! Really, he does admit that a few steps will require longer.. But once done, those sam-e actions will provide contacts and material for a lot of different potential products, so I suppose I will just have to divide time investment by each of the products that I will ult