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Ahzaz Chowdhury

Ahzaz (Az) is a Partner at Nudge Factory; An exciting and innovative business consultancy that specialises in the art of responsible business, public affairs and PR.

Az has experience of all levels of government within the UK. He entered politics as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Member of Parliament before joining Boris Johnson's winning Mayoral Campaign Team. Az then moved on to Conservative Campaign HQ to manage the activities of the Social Action team where he served as an Adviser on Social Action to Members of the Shadow Cabinet and the Party Leadership.

Az has worked for two London councils as a Political Adviser, advising Conservative Members on political strategy, policy, community affairs and press & media. He served as an adviser to former Shadow Cabinet Minister for Social Action, whilst managing the the strategic and practical aspects of community activity delivered by the Conservative Party. Known as Social Action, this area was the precursor to the Big Society.

Simultaneously managing hundreds of UK projects alongside national schemes and international projects, Az led on the practical aspect of the party's pre-election policy; Get Britain Working. He has experience of delivering strategic community focussed projects with a political edge.

He is also a keen fundraiser for his favourite charity, Help for Heroes, for which he trekked across the Sahara Desert and was part of a team who raised nearly £250,000 for the cause.

Nudge Factory -

Nudge Factory is a business consultancy which brings together the experience of the founding partners to show how a responsible and community focused approach can be good for business and good for the community in equal measure.

We use our knowledge to create a tailored plan for your business and work with your Community Relations, Public Affairs and Press Office teams. Community-based, regional, national or international, we can share how best to use your CSR budget for maximum benefit whilst reaching your own business aims.

Good for business. Good for the community.