♥Aicel ♥

every G U R L should have four PETS in her life. A MINK in her closet, a JAGUAR in her garage, a TIGER in her bed, and a JACKASS who pays for everything.... am not an ordinary chick like everyone else... i don't just ride with a hunk, date with him and rip my ass off... Yea I'm a bitch but hey, I got manners... People think I sleep with everyone, but I'm not like that... My family and My friends mean the world to me and I'd take a bullet for them anytime... they are the people close to my heart and I chesrish every moment I am with them.


♥Twitter and Blog (story of my life)

♥My Mom and Dad

♥GAY LINGGO (mother language)

♥My GURLS and GAYS (Bitches run the world)

♥tequilla, courant, bacardi (practicing my drinking skills)

♥the beach (w/ a breathtaking sunset... Damn!)

♥PINK (my favorite crayon)


♥Tattoos (so addicted)

♥Make-up (sometimes - essential for beauty)

♥Shopping! (anti- stressor)


♥Parties and clubbing

♥HOOCHY clothes and stripper shoes

♥Pink Phone (my best buddy)

♥My musical phone tastes range far

♥Sushi and maki (comfort food)

♥Being late and half days

♥sleeping all day and staying up all night.. ;)

♥BFF (God, Mon, Chen, Jef, Pach and Cindy)