Michal Aichinger

film, camera, and iot in Prague, Czechia

I started my life as a Javascript hacker and I am still hacking in this world best language. I am also trained professional SCRUM master last two years and I am working as SCRUM / Kanban master last four years.

I worked on map application in my previous job and my current employer is Nokia and I am continuing on map application there because I love this magic how to flatten world to 2D map.

I am propagator of SCRUM, Git and Nokia Maps API. In these days I am also leading workshop about testing Javascript applications.

What are my hobbies? Like "everybody" now I like photography but not with digital cameras. I am owning old medium film format camera and I am developing my BW films on my own.

My second big hobby is design, classical one. I settled with my friends non profit organisation supporting young Czech designers called CZECHDESIGN.CZ 9 years ago and this organisation is still growing and bringing us a lot of passion.