Aida Abdullah

Aida Abdullah


I'm a sweet, charming housewife, striving to be the coolest mother and the most awesome wife on planet earth! And of course, a great khalifah and servant to the Almighty.

My association with FOREVER LIVING has made my life more fulfilling and made me achieve all that I want to be (as mentioned above). What is also most rewarding is that I get to help other people achieve their goals too, in pursuing a healthier and wealthier life. As I see my business grow day by day, I feel more motivated to reach my highest potential and make my dreams come true.

FOREVER LIVING is "the most beautiful business ever", as known amongst those who are given the privilege to be it's business owners. 10 million entrepreneurs worldwide in 158 countries currently, FOREVER LIVING has produced over 5000 millionaires. WOW! These are not just wonderful figures. It's real! We're given the chance to be fit, live like a celebrity and travel the world as well as invite others to join our FOREVER LIVING family and share the rewards.

Check for yourselves! FOREVER LIVING is the largest producer and manufacturer of Aloe Vera and Bee Honey. Their farms are located in Arizona and their products are fantastic. Who knows? Maybe it would change your life. Like it did mine. Cheers.