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Aidan B

Its dark, the silence is profound. But soon a spark of light, a spark of thought appears. The first sparks light up the page with bright contrast. The thoughts are building now. The words are spreading, Starting to consume the page. The thoughts are roaring now. An intense inferno blazes and the words are pouring now, flowing. The heat is driving, and now words are being thrown, pushed, pulled, forced into the piece. The passion is inspiring as the heat builds and builds... and as soon as it begun it was over. The endless roar of words dies and all is silent once again. The page is full and complete. My writing is like a fire, blazing up from nothing to an intense rush and then, like someone dousing the flame... its over in an instant. Then i press spellcheck.

Photo by p.Gordon

Below you will find linked my online writing portfolio pieces. These pieces include:

A new piece, not previously submitted for a grade,
An expository piece,
A person essay or creative piece previously submitted for a grade,
A research essay, and
A reflection piece on what I have learned about writing and what I still have yet to learn.