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Aidan Cox

St.Lucian Journalism undergraduate student of Ryerson University. Born and mostly raised in St.Lucia, Aidan attended primary education and passed through the gates of manhood with his attendance of the St.Mary's College of St.Lucia. With a Canadian mother and St.Lucian father, Aidan has always been confronted with cultural clashes, both in the home and in public; the maternal influences vs. those of the world around which he grew up. Despite lacking the possible academic and extra curricular opportunities which may have been available to Aidan had he grew up in Canada, there are certain things which he has recognized as being a positive result of his diverse exposure. Aidan believes that he has been bestowed with a deep pool of cultural wisdom and has had the ability to broaden his scope of understanding, having been exposed to the second-hand ideals and practices of Canadian culture as well as the first-hand societal norms and experiences from living among a culture which can be considered as being on a totally different sphere as that of Canada.