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Aidan Tharp

Aidan, was one of the best Student Managers I have had. He was responsible for my summer programs team. He scheduled staff, assigned and supervised tasks of the staff, managed the on-call emergency schedule and all of our keys for housing. Absolutely wonderful worker, detail oriented, self motivated.

April 29, 2013, Rich managed Aidan at Earlham College

Aidan’s self-motivation and work ethic are extraordinary. Not only is he a remarkable person, but he is also a compassionate listener and proactive thinker in the workplace. Aidan consistently completed his work at Equality Advocates Pennsylvania with an exceptional level of efficiency, always seeking out new opportunities and offering suggestions and support for new projects. Conscientious and ambitious, Aidan thinks on his feet and adapts to situations as they arise.
Aidan stood out as an intern who was able to assist every member of staff during his time with our organization. He acclimated easily to staff members’ differing work styles, and different project needs. Taking on a “peace-maker” role within our organizational dynamics, he gently assisted colleagues in finding acceptable compromises. Aidan’s interpersonal skills are outstanding. He understands the importance of appropriate humor in the building of relationships and in showing empathy for others. Aidan is especially accomplished in individual relationship-building.
January 31, 2011, Jesse managed Aidan indirectly at Equality Advocates Pennsylvania

Intellectually, Aidan is a very strong student. He sets high standards for himself and typically meets those standards.Aidan brings discipline and dedication to his academic work and, indeed, to everything he does.He has a very integrative mode of thinking, tending to quickly see connections between a given idea and seemingly disparate ones. Aidan has a passionate commitment to working to empower marginalized and oppressed groups and to create communities of support that can both help individuals to cope with life’s challenges and work toward systemic change to alleviate injustice and oppression.Aidan experiences a genuine calling to the profession of social work as a vehicle for social change. This represents not simply a career for him, but a moral imperative to use his own assets to work toward a better world. I give him my strongest recommendation.
January 28, 2011, nelson worked with Aidan at Equality Advocates Pennsylvania