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Aida Salleh

Greetings from sunny Singapore! My name is Aida Salleh. And that's me with my beloved nephew, Nabil, who was diagnosed with West Syndrome (a rare type of epilepsy) when he was only 4 months old. Even though things wasn't easy for this little boy, he's always smiling and cheerful

So my internet marketing story is, to be honest, typical like many others.

For more than 5 years, I jumped from one niche to another, spent too much time everyday learning stuff like building niche blogs, pay-per-click, article writing, squidoo, forum marketing, adsense, amazon and every other IM term you can think of...I've spent thousand of dollars (no kidding!) on every new course, system, coaching, etc, that was launched. BUT, I was not making money.

Until one day, I told myself, 'enough is enough', took a step back and analyzed my failures. That was when it hit me.

I realized I was just repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again! I was suffering from the 'Shiny New Object Syndrome' and information overload. I could not focus on one thing long enough to follow it through to success. Shame on

The moment I figured out my problem, things really began to change.

I was fortunate enough to meet a coaching mentor who taught me the importance of having the right mindset to be successful in internet marketing. I am still in his coaching program and I am thankful of the awesome stuff that he teaches that brings about drastic changes in my internet marketing business.

So there you go, the 'not-so-short' version of my internet marketing journey. I hope you will find my blog useful in helping you achieve your own success. My goal is to help people to stay away from some of the mistakes I did, and finally make a profit to become successful online.

To your success!

Aida Salleh