Aiden Draven

I am not one, but two..
I am born of light and darkness, or you can say both light and darkness have been born in me... ;)

My light side
I am a peaceful soul caged in blood and bones...
trying to break the wall and step into reality, where I control everything in me, around me and about me...where strength of a relation is not measured with time...where light and darkness together reflect the sweet truth...

I am not lost, neither do I want to be found.
I am the sun and I am the moon.
I am the mighty leo and the unpredictable crab.
I am light and I am the path.
I am the fire which burns in love.
I am the wind gentle and voilent.
I am the water calm and devastating.
I am the earth, fertile and vast...
I am truth and I am power..
I am love and so I am God!!!




My dark side..

‎~Like the shadow
I am
I am not~
It comes out without a warning, it is unpredictable, and it makes me flow my rage, anger with my inner tides...
A scream, a cry, and then a weep
A hiss, a roar, and fangs deep in skin
it happens, when you wake the daemon from his sleep
and then there is no escaping his lair, his gin ;)
I'm someone whom you've seen on the street before , but can't seem to recall
I'm someone you'll never meet again...
This isnt it, I'd like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve... ;)

love, light, and safe path!
Dark blessings!!