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Belgian has stress and wants more appreciation from the boss

Almost all Belgian workers cope with stress. They also want a greater appreciation of their employer and they experience congestion increasing as disturbing. Kyle Leon Scam

Belgian has stress and wants more appreciation from the boss

4,000 Belgians and 25 decision and opinion makers were asked about their perceptions and needs of the labor market. It showed that stress, appreciation and diversity are among the biggest pain points.

Six in ten workers due to stress too much work. Young people between 20 and 35 do indicate that they want to be used more creatively and creative projects that could reduce their stress.

With men between 36 and 50, the combination of work and private life is often difficult, making flexible working hours or homework to work. Stress reducing apparent
Walloons have more stress than Flemings

The growing problem of mobility allows for a lot of people stress.

In the age group 50-65 shows that people fear to not be able to join the labor market and sooner or later will be pushed to the side.

Also, the study shows that Walloons more stress than Flemings. They often complain about poor management, poor working conditions and lack of career opportunities.http://www.healthreviewscam.com/somanabolic-muscle-maximizer-review/

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