aiden s

Student and Writer in Chile

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hey, i'm aiden. i'm a minor and i try to write sometimes. i'm a nonbinary trans boy, and i go by he or it pronouns. i have a few headmates but they don't front often. however, their names are danny (he), zerei (he), lux (she) and trick (it). im neurodivergent. im panromantic and pansexual.

my peach is soulpunks, my vent is souipunk, my tumblr is kinbark (gore blog is bloodtthirsty) and my instagram is folieadeu.

in a lot of stuff i often talk abt people w warrior names, so here's a handy guide for you:

flametooth - classmate/kind of a friend. annoying.

stagpool - my dad. he's nice.

thrushfire - my mom. abusive.

bluefur - my ex, online.

ashfur - ex friend, online

ratheart - ex friend, irl

i also am fall out boy trash so uve been warned