Aideth Del Toro

colima colima

My name is Aideth Del Toro Uribe,

I´m 16 years old, I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco but I currently live in Colima Colima.

I´m student for high school in the bachillerato tecnico numero 1 "gregorio macedo lopez".

I would like to be great professional and I believe that I will be.

I like dance classical ballet, it is something very important for me, I always go to dance in my art school, I don´t like chocolate, but is very important to eat it when you don´t have power.

I don´t like to wake up early on saturday, but I do because I like to go to the theater class and enter time at 9:00 AM. I usually walk everywhere that I go.

I like to have friends.

  • Education
    • Middle School in tecnica 7