AIDI India

AIDI is an initiative dedicated to the upliftment of those who do not have the means to help themselves.

We believe that the leading cause of unemployment, starvation and poverty is illiteracy, therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to equipping the disadvantaged with the skills to lift themselves out of poverty. At present, at least 38% of our population is illiterate.Also, in legal terms literacy is defined as the bare minimum ability to read and write.
We provide educational support to children, as well as vocational training and counselling. We propagate the importance of education by hosting programs in villages and urban slums.

Besides education, we focus on the empowerment of women.
In India, statistics tell us, that close to 90 women fall victim to sexual violence and harassment everyday. NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) shows the reporting of crimes against women (or crimes against women themselves) has been on the rise since 2012.

Moreover women are, more often than not, the ones denied basic rights and freedom of choice.India as a nation does not lack in potential, but in delivery, be it the low levels of the female literacy or the high levels of female infanticide.We believe that women should not be made to fight the good fight alone, we hope to mobilize society as a whole against the oppression and towards the upliftment of women.

Another area of social development that we focus on is public health. In many ways the public health indicators in India leave a lot to be desired, not just in terms of child mortality or the high incidence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but also in terms of access to Public Healthcare. Chances are that a life-threatening disease would go undiagnosed until it is too late to do anything about it. Chances also are that intimidation by high medical costs would dissuade the common man from seeking medical help.We c ombat this by providing quality medicare free of cost through medical camps and special programs.

Our initiative gained traction when we shared our activities with our friends and well-wishers and were bestowed with their unconditional support.

Thus, AIDI came to be.