Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins, III

Catalyst, Coach, and Consultant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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First of all, my name. "Aidsand". It is pronounced "Aid-Zand" It is a family name that dates back to the Emancipation Proclamation. I am told that it derives from the Arabic word, 'Azan' which means 'ear'. Azan also means to listen, to hear. Although I am unabashedly Christian, the Islamic word which is may name also means "call to prayer" My son, grandson and several cousins are also named Aidsand. Our middle name, 'Franklin' means free man. I've been standing on tip toe all my life trying to live up to my name.

After a sixteen year pastoral career and twenty four years serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies I am now contributing to the common good as a Catalyst, Coach, and Consultant at AFWR III, LLC . My interests range from writing to causes. I revel in political, religious, educational, and socio-economic discussions. More than anything, I want to listen, to hear what is really going on and mitigate the dis-ease of disconnection that plagues our current cultural context.

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