Aizan Fahri

Terengganu, Malaysia | New York, United States

I was born in May 1994, 2 months earlier than expected. As I'm growing up I've accustomed with hardships imposed on my life with failures tailing me and conjuring craters of disappointment. But, without disappointment, I won't learn what is meant by "achievement", a pure feeling of earning success.

Graduated from SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek (SPM 2011) with 10 A and 1 B, I was denied from getting scholarship in medical courses and engineering, but it was a cornerstone of my life without being entangled with stereotypical thinking as I dived into the world of life science, aiming to be a scientist in Pharmacology.

In dire need of your prayers, wish me luck.

In this world, if aliens were myth, every living souls are my friends.

  • Work
    • Full Stime Student
  • Education
    • Biotechnology Major