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i;m thinkin about thos beans

i really want to fucking kill myself in Paris, France

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→ hello! this is my byf! please read all of the info if you would like to follow me!


✧ information about me!

➜ my name is cherry! but nicknames are also cool w me

➜ my pronouns are she/her

➜ my sexual preference is a mess tbfh

➜ i am a minor

➜ i am fictionkin (purely for coping)

➜ i am new to the spam community, so i look forward to making new friends hopefully!


✧ my identity & kins!

➜ i identify with nitori aiichirou from free

➜ i also have lesser kins! here they are aa;

- ibuki mioda (danganronpa)

- lev haiba (haikyuu)

- watanabe you (love live! sunshine)

- ochako uraraka (boku no hero academia)

- misaki mei (another)

- zen (mystic messenger)


✧ please dont follow if...

- you fit basic byf criteria

- you see yourself or anyone else as my kins

- you dislike any of my kins

✧ please ask to follow if...

- all you do is like my photos

- you are over 16 or under 13 years old

✧ please follow if...

- we are from the same canon

- you like neon things and will talk about them w me

- you kin with rin matsuoka

- youre just plain looking for a friend!


✧ when youre finished, please...

➜ dm me how you found my account

➜ dm me why you wanna follow me

- ( unless i've followed you first ofc)

➜ dm me a picture of rin matsuoka

☺ thankyou! i hope you have a good day <3

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