Aijolt Brongers


Aijolt Brongers (1962) is a communication and broadcast specialist from Amersfoort in The Netherlands. After several sales-related jobs Aijolt joined in 2009 the taskforce ‘Kattenbroek op Glasvezel’. This residents initiative Informed the inhabitants of Amersfoort-Kattenbroek and – in fact - made it possible that end 2013 the whole city of Amersfoort (70.000 homes) will be connected to the ultra-modern fiber network. Aijolt’s task in the group was communication (press releases) and doing presentations for all kind of audiences. After this result Aijolt got a job as Marketeer at XMS, a leading internet service provider. In this position Aijolt successfully did the same job for several other cities.

End 2011 Aijolt wrote together with Dannis van der Heiden an impressive business case with the goal to obtain the license for a local radio/tv station. After a long period of lobbying and informing all stakeholders the license was finally assigned to Mediagroep EVA. After a period of public discussion about paid employees in the newly formed organization, Aijolt Brongers decided to leave EVA. Aijolt is now working as an independent text writer and communication specialist.

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