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Joanna Marie

Joanna | 14 | 09.26

Call me Joanna or Jo-chan. I'm fine with any. I'm very lazy but I'm really super friendly. I'm unbelievably shy but I try not to be. I really love being myself and going crazy around my friends. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm an anime otaku! Yeah, well I've been watching anime for years and it's what I'm obsessed with! The stories are fantastic aod the animation is just out of this world!

I'm active on YouTube, Twitter, Formspring and Facebook.

I'm now a Sophomore so it's getting hard for me to cope up since I suck at academics. But I'm going to study like hell this year.

Now, for facts.

Anime Otaku

Video Editor

Loves reading books

Obsessed with colors


Loves Hyouka (especially the way Oreki Houtaro thinks. He gets me in determined-to-study mode