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Aikon Sinner

I go where you need me

I have done good things before and I have done bad things before..
But no matter what, it made me what I am now…

“My interest in making music was born while listening to my older sister playing that Dr. Boehm Organ in the living room of our parents house. Didn´t know why this made me feel good at that time but it made me deeply addicted..” he says. Whenever his sister was away in school or at her friends place, it was little Aikon who rushed to the board trying to learn this thick book filled with songs for children. But soon he realized that playing songs by others isn´t sufficient to him. So 8 year old Aikon threw the book away and tried playing on his own.

“From what I remember, while in school, I was anything but popular.. That time was all about expensive clothes, party every weekend and trying to gain as much friends as possible. I had only a few very close friends. Not because of a bad attitude or something. I simply just was.. DIFFERENT!”. Aikon never felt the need for those materialistic and ego tripping things so the young teenager searched for something that really grabbed his attention. At the age of 14 he began producing his own material with a computer and a keyboard which a few years later resulted in his first official release on Germany´s most successful electronic music label at the time -Alphabet City-.

In 2004 Aikon relocated to the Ruhr area to further pursue his career in music while attending School of Engineering and Audio Production. After receiving his degree as the best of his class he founded his first recording facility to work fulltime on different music projects in the local area.

Aikon was raised by his beloved mother and father in a small village in Germany. “In the middle of nowhere!” as he likes to say. But luckily an invention called the internet changed not only the possibilities for Aikon. It changed the whole music industry.

And now it is Aikon´s time to take advantage of it..

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    • School of Engineering and Audio Production