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Makati City, Philippines


Makati City, Philippines


Okay.. Don't stay too long or i'll kick your.. Nevermind! ~__^


Computer Graphics

3D Animation


Motion Graphics

Live/CG Compositing

Visual Effects

Video Edit

Bachelor of Science in Digital Illustration and Animation

Ateneo de Naga University (2006-2010)


I hate cats although I love Hello Kitty! How ironic... I don't call myself insane. I'm just mentally hilarious! I'm a brat but not spoiled. I can be the girly type among my friends and still can be one of the boys. I enjoy my friends' company but sometimes, being alone makes me feel more secured. I have tons of insecurities. I really want to be carefree all the time. i just wanna have fun. I'm a perfectionist and tend to be obsessive compulsive. But, I may be lazy to do things perfectly. I have so many frustrations; a bunch of "what-if's" and "if-only's. I am a better leader and just a good follower. A control freak. A Scorpio. A Fire Snake. Choleric + Sanguine. I am living on someone else's blood. I'm a Dengue survivor. I always want to have "the secret". I wanna stay positive. Ask. Answer. Receive. Appreciate. I believe that love isn't forever. Everything doesn't last forever. I am a realist. I'm inquisitive and intuitive; compulsive and rational. I am strong-willed. I go for what I want. I am stubborn. I love traveling. I'm adventurous. A thrill-seeker. I love to dance and sing, laugh and eat, be animated and animate. I just love being an artist!


Actually, it's a little bit early but I think I'm in the middle of my quarter-life crisis right now.

  • Education
    • Ateneo de Naga University