ailany zabidin

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A determined person with a child-like wonder and imagination. I'm fun to work with and likes to get things done quickly and effectively but holds true to my principle that I can only be at my best when i'm having fun.

Graduated from a degree in Psychological Science and Business at Monash University.

A dedicated, self-proclaimed beauty junkie, constantly on the lookout for new products for me to experiment with. I love spending time indulging myself in fantasy lands of the 21st century parchment papers or more commonly known as e-books and the Kindle. A psychology degree graduate with a passion for writing and silly puns. My ideal me-time would involve watching makeup tutorials and beauty related youtube videos, documentaries, I also believe that constant exercise and a sudoku puzzle a day keeps the doctor away. A photography enthusiast and unlike Rupert Holmes I am into yoga, health foods and getting caught in the rain.

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