Aileah Green-Valavil


I am a well-educated, driven, and poised individual who holds herself to a high standard; very attractive with a lovely personality. Most people I meet are pleasantly surprised by my quick-witted and imaginative nature; I must mention my honesty, humor,and loyalty. I'd fancy myself interesting, I've overcome a lot in 29 years only to stand up brush myself off to overcome and become stronger. See being a victim is easy and rewarding for a while, but growing in being able to conquer more & more everyday is much more fun.I am finding my way in the world... I’m talented, loving, and ready to be happy and not willing to compromise myself. Most think that ladies with a passion for tattoos such as I are loose or less than moral but, I’m far from it, I am a one man girl and demand respect, kindness,and that you laugh at my jokes. All and all you've come across a vivacious, culturally aware, and open minded girl.

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