Aileen Dallas

Editor, Project Manager, and Writer in Canada

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CEO, Techie, Bibliophile, Writer, Editor, Designer, Golfer, Skier, World Traveler and I Love Meeting People, Music, Children, Cats and Dogs

Married – He is my best Friend, Partner and my Love. Love our Friends Unconditionally. We stand by them and they stand by us. Walk with the Lord daily. HE is first and foremost in our lives. Our walk is by Faith in all we do. We enjoy the blessings of the Lord. We are under the covering of Enoch's mantle.

I strive to increase in all areas of my life moment by moment. I want to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. I am victorious and more than a conqueror - even when I have been in error, I experience a valuable lesson which enables me to overcome and gain wisdom and become stronger. Walking in forgiveness – one of the easiest and sometimes one of the most difficult challenges in life – to forgive is to move forward to be awesomely blessed. I must continually exercise my mind.

Strive to be an inspiration and an example to those who know us and those getting to know us.

Surround ourselves with extraordinary people and add value to their lives and them to ours.

I am always anticipating the future and the wonders to come. Now that we are in 2014, I feel the excitement of the marvels we will be seeing and revelling in the joy and expectation of new understandings and wisdom in our lives and our changing world. I know who I am in Christ and where I stand in this universe.

Love Life To The Fullest In All I Do
Blessings To All

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