Aileen Gardner


After more than 40 years experience as a teacher, school head and trainer of teachers in three different countries, I have had the privilege of helping to develop an educational program in a region of Kenya decimated by the HIV AIDS pandemic. The Sally Test Pediatric Center within Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret is the only one of its kind in Kenya. Its mission is to reduce stress for hospitalized children, and provide stimulating educational experiences to children remaining in hospital for an extended period of time. It was there that I first met Michael Omondi Apiyo. Michael is a rare kind of human being. Totally devoted to the welfare of kids, he teaches in the center six days a week with extraordinary compassion, creativity and humor, earning each month as much as we would spend on a modest lunch. Michael’s ambition is to become the best teacher he can possibly be. I have made it my mission to help him fund formal education training and I hope you will join me in the effort.