Aileena Cavali

Aileena Cavali has traveled extensively throughout the world, hosting lectures, workshops, and individual readings. She also provides her psychic services via phone or internet and has worked with clients from as far away as India, Africa, Australia and Russia.

​" Being a psychic has been, for me, a birth-given gift, as much as an experience of a lifetime. I carry with me gifts that were inherited through generations. I Love the fact that I have the abilities to help others, and that I have helped thousands of people it makes me know that I'm in the right business ."

Aileena is the owner of the Famous Laguna Beach Healing Resort, Psychic Intuition Center, Psychic Healing Clinic, Psychic Reading Lounge, and Psychic Healing Lounge

Aileena is also the author of "LIFE IN THE EYES OF A PSYCHIC" The Story of Hollywood's Famous Psychic.

Psychic Aileena Cavali talks about her life, her work, and her psychic abilities, sharing stories of the people she has worked with, and discussing how she see's life as a psychic.

Aileena has also had a Psychic Challenge in 2012

Aileena Cavali's last performance in the challenge was simply spectacular, having a score of 92 out of 100 achievable points. Needless to say, the particular sheer accuracy of her scores made several skeptics rethink their particular position on psychics exclusively based on Aileena Cavali alone. To be able to win the last Psychic Challenge, Cavali needs to perform a range of great feats, including appropriately guessing individuals careers, telling people extremely exact details about their past, and more.

Aileena Cavali has been featured on CNN, ABC- , Talking Spiritual w/ Kelsey, LA Live 365 Radio Show and much more ...