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Abdullah İlhanlı

I live in istanbul for 13 years and finished and graduated Computer Science at Gebze Institute of Technology.

During graduation, i learned especially C++ programming technologies and takes any other Engineering lesson such as Data Structures and Algorithm in C++. My final graduation project is Java based Presentation Application. I used Java standard edition especially Networking(TCP/IP) and Multithreading. With this project i met Opensource library Apache POI for Powerpoint manipulation.

Before graduation i started at Qualist software on May 2009 and worked for 1 year. When worked as employee at Qualist i have worked on two projects. One is Qualist Framework and other is Qualist Bridge Factory Automation.

Qualist Framework is java based framework. It has user interface library for web application implemented in GWT, SQL Pooling mechanism and Web based common functionality such as Login to system with autentication.

Qualist Bridge is a Factory automation use built on Qualist Framework. Quailst Bridge is a factory automation. It is actually alarm system. Everything for machine data and more. It Collects, Archives, Searches, Analyzes, Estimates. I experienced especially custom user interface implemention skills such as Button, Listbox..etc and Factory automation.

Returned back univerycity and finalize graduation on May 2010.

After graduation i started as a Software Engineer at Eutek business solution on August 2010 and worked for 2 and half year. In this software company i experienced Windows mobile application development and IBM Maximo Enterprise System web service integration and JSF based Web application development skills. During this project i also worked with Turkcell Selfcare Maximo Web service integration project.

Then went Military Obligation on December 2012.

Returned backed business life again on June 2013 at Agito software which is biggest insurance software solution company for insurance industry. I have been working on out big customer Yapi Kredi Sigorta. We have an Elementer Insurance solution IRIS. It has been developed for 10 years. I worked part of insurance Claim and Recourse. First 6 months, web user interface development. Than our customer YapiKredi was merged with German big insurance company Allianz.

On the Claim part i worked on suspense calculation algorithm. This algorithm has developed for 10 years and i changed this