Aiman Yusof

My life has been an adventure since I was born. I was born and lived overseas my entire life. I've lived in 7 countries throughout my life so far and visited many others because of my dad's job. Being a Malaysian, not many have that opportunity to travel as much and I'd say I was fortunate enough to grow up that way. Martial arts has been my way of connecting with my Asian roots and to discipline myself as well as build character. I am a graduate of International Business and Management from the University of Nottingham; and eversince then my outlook on business has always been on the practical approach. I am particularly interested in the areas of management strategy, leadership and motivation. Being a sales and marketing person by profession, entrepreneurship became a passion I pursued without even realising it. But when I entered the network marketing field, it became prevalent that it was what I have always wanted to do to build a better future.