Aiman Amri

Professional Trainer and Image Consultant in Kajang, Malaysia

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"I help the Generation Y to develop themselves psychologically (personal), socially (relationship) and professionally (career)."

Mohammad Aiman bin Amri, or simply called by many as Aiman Amri, is a professional trainer of INTELEK: Enriching Talents, a training and consultation platform that focuses on the university student’s development who are studying in local or furthering their study in overseas.

Aiman Amri is also a Certified Professional Image Consultant (CPIC) and was certified by the Akademi Perunding Imej Profesional last February, an academy that are specialise in image grooming, etiquette and communication training and already certified more than 100 CPICs to date.

Interestingly, Aiman Amri was a diploma graduate in Aeroplane Maintenance, but due to his deep passion and intention in understanding human mind and behaviour, he pursued his degree in Psychology, in University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

During his studying phase, he has been involved with numerous practical people-to-people experience and consistently shaping his intrapersonal and interpersonal skills as a trainer. His participants often described him as a relax and casual trainer but conducted the session with a lof of knowledge based but practical. He even once won “The Most Inspirational Speech” award during the the Public Speaking Championship in University of Nottingham, UK last April 2016.

In the virtual world, he actively writes a lot of sharing related to #GenYProfesional, a brand focusing on the development of the Gen Y in Malaysia. With more than 11,000 followers in his Facebook, he shares his experience and beneficial knowledge (especially about image) everyday to the public readers.

Anyone who want to experience more from him, can directly contact him at his email

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