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Aiman Haqimie

My name is Aiman Haqimie

From Malaysia

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I like to teach the kids that I could teach subjects such as Information Communication and Technology, Science and the preferred subjects.

Besides, I love the children why this child makes me more cheerful and happyand not feel like angry people or others.

From a small computer I was given a look at the gadgets and tools and othercomputer .... until now, I'm still interested in IT ... After I had finished SPM, I went to the University to take the IT course, but my dad is not for me to take thecourse because the job market are many and will be afraid I can not work later ... Because I was studying in Co-Operative College of Cooperative Management Diploma course + Business ... If I get the results of four pointerplate at least 3.60 or above, I would like to further their studies at degree level atUniversity of Malaya or the Open University or University Utara Malaysia orUiTM. Accordingly, if I made ​​it to the ivory tower I would like to open acooperative-based business company or others.

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