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Aimee Williamson

Phoenix, AZ

I recently graduated from the Monterey Institute for International Studies in May 2013 with a MA degree in International Environmental Policy. My academic focus is structured around sustainable cities and I am particularly interested in transportation. I have built my skill sets in academia including data analysis, some modeling, policy writing, and most importantly the ability to critical think. I am eager to learn anything and everything in the transportation field. I pride myself on my ability to view mulitiple perspectives in order to problem solve and come up with realistic solutions. My background consists of working in customer service, office management, program assistance, and sales. My professional background with my recent academic development and ambition for a better future assures I am a great candidate as a new addition to your company, non-profit, or agency.

If you are interested in transportation as well, check out my blog here:

The photo of me is in Cusco, Peru where I spent my summer recording a video for the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development. I enjoy hiking, live music, and traveling. I am excited for the next chapter in my life and look forward to working in a productive atmosphere to make a positive difference in my community.

  • Education
    • MA in International Policy, MIIS
    • BS for Geography, ASU
    • BA for English Literature, ASU