aimee 🌻

Student in California

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•18; july 22




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•ults are sooyoung and seokmin (and sehun)

•ult groups are nine muses and monsta x

•annoying girl group stan

•sometimes i talk about boy groups

•idrc if u slander/roast/hate on a group as long as were friends or u hav like a reason but if that's all u do then i'll probably get annoyed n unfriend u at some point lol

•also i'll block u if i see any 9m slander 👀

•ask me about my 9m intro posts :')

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•tell me if you need anything tagged

•if i misgender you pleasepleaseplease lmk

•i tend to be very affectionate esp with people i consider friends so if it makes you uncomfortable please tell me

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•tumblr: ninemuse

•instagram: 9csy (personal)

•instagram: euaerine (this is a spam/kpop acc honeslty idk why i'm giving it out)

•snapchat: sooyng

•snow: 1wonho

•kkt: namyusgf