Aimee Corcoran

Southwest Virginia

I live a beautiful and blessed life tucked away in the splendor that is the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am a Christian, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I like to read, write, cook (and eat), garden, craft, sing (badly), visit with friends, have dates with my husband, shop, watch sappy movies, hang out with my boys, pray, vacation at the beach, drive with the windows down, the list goes on and it's all really normal stuff.

Two years ago my normal changed when health issues prevented me from doing many of those things I love, kept me homebound and shuttered me into the role of investigative medical researcher - blech.

I still have health issues. I am still homebound. I still have lots of limitations and I still spend a fair amount of time in research. However over the last two years I also have gained diagnoses, healthy doses of perspective, thankfulness, joyfullness, craziness, weight (keeping it real - it's not all positive!), faith, patience and perseverance.

I continue to learn that everyone has their own normal and I think we are all crazy nutty in our own way. And, I know for certain that we all have the choice to live life abundantly, joyfully, and gracefully, bringing glory to God no matter what kind of curveball we find being thrown at us. Choose to live out loud, to live well, don't take normal for granted but embrace the crazy and love with everything you've got.

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