Aimée Escobar

Strong, determined, kind-hearted, quizzical, sarcastic, fashionable, organized, loving, intelligent, sassy, politically savvy, reliable, giving, undefinable, loyal, jovial, independent, elaborate, confident, articulate, leader, resourceful, organizer. Democrat, Sister, Auntie, Daughter, Dog-Lover & Friend...

Background in Politics, Land Use and Nightlife. I've been an Aide to a Supervisor, a Lobbyist for a Union and a Consultant to Builders and Nightlife Ventures and a Buiness Owner to name a few of my roles in life.

Achieved multiple college degrees, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Urban Planning. Attended Law School for two years and found it wasn't quite my calling in life. Currently considering the pursuit of a PhD in Urban Planning.