Aimee Hristofidis

I'm a busy wife and mom of 2, trying to get in shape and set a good example for my sons. For many years-practically my entire adult life-I have struggled with my weight and my fitness. I started working out with TurboFire about 2 years ago, but I suppose in my mind, I was not truly committed to making a lifestyle change.

Recently I decided to use my Coach status as more than a way to get discounts on Beachbody programs and products. I decided to put myself out there and not only reach my own fitness goals, but help others reach theirs. I started working out regularly and eating mindfully. I began using social media to find others like me who have been there, done that, and still can't fit into the T-shirt.

I started my own website,, and my blog to share my story and build a team of people passionate about ending the trend of obesity, for themselves and for others. I'm ready to quit bitching about how much I weigh, not finding time to workout, not liking what I saw in the mirror, and most of all, not liking myself.