Aimee Lyn DeBacker

Hi! My name is Aimee, 22 years young. My friends would probably call me a little crazy, impulsive, and never afraid to let my hair down. I'm from the small town of South Lake Tahoe but my dreams go beyond the deep lake. I graduated from CSU, Chico with a BA in Organizational Communications and a minor in Public Relations. I am all about my family, and of course my puglet, Barkley!

I have spent the past couple of years deeply confused and sitting in my grief of losing my father. I felt like I explored several avenues trying to search for my happiness. Trying to fill voids or pretend like my father never existed. None of my attempts to 'cure' my pain were working. I slipped into a great state of depression and anxiety. After I graduated college, I felt at a complete stand still. I had no passion in anything I was doing, and felt like my heart was empty and cold. I was a great candidate for job positions; I worked for billion dollar companies and was commended on my skills, but I still wasn't happy. I decided to move home and just focus on healing my heart. This blog has been a journey on healing my heart and finding my 'Peace of Derek.'

I recently applied for the Peace Corps and am anxiously awaiting my approval. I have found where my passion lays. It is in inspiring. It is in lending my heart and my hands to those who need it. My heart aches just as it did when I lost my father, as when I see devastation in other people's lives. Much like I know the Peace Corps will, I know this blog is the same sort of inspiration that I need, and others need. Sometimes all that it takes is lending an open palm, an open heart, or even an open page to express what is on your mind, to see where your own peace lays at.

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    • BA Organizational Communications