Aimee Madden


There is SO much I could tell you about myself, but I'll just go with the basics:

My name is Aimee and I'm 16 et je parle un peu français aussi. My passions include things like:

Creative writing



Helping others



TV series


Tumblr (

If I do not feel passionate about it, don't expect me to have anything to do with it because I'm as lazy as a starfish.

I wish to study creative writing at university. Bachelor of Arts I presume. I've already gotten a head start from the few short stories I've written.

My dream job is to become a creative writter. If I don't become that, I'd settle for a photography, travel journalist or psycologist. I love all of those kind of areas.

When I've finished UNI, I desire to move to Ireland. The most beautiful country. Before that, I would like to travel though. I want to explore and learn from all the different cultures. "A surprise trip is the best trip," I always say.

I take photos of absolutely everything to catch a moment in time. I like to look back on pictures and reminisce about the time spent or think about what has changed since then. I must say I just adore picture of people laughing. It's when they're truly happy.

As a hopeless romantic, my dream date would be a romantic dinner for two, then racing up and down the isles of an empty supermarket with socks our on. Just being happy and having fun.

I could not go a day without music. It's a basic necessity to get me through the day. I rely on it so much.

I think I've covered most than the basics, If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them! (:

  • Education
    • McCarthy Catholic College
    • HSC