Aimee Figgatt

Aimee Figgatt is a farmerette at Tyler Creek Farms. Located on Little Tyler Mountain outside of Charleston, WV, Tyler Creek is a 3rd generation family farm. We are NPIP Certified (National Poultry Improvement Plan) and hold a certificate as a WV Department of Agriculture Egg Distributor. We raise free range hens and sell beautiful farm fresh eggs. Our hens are heritage and rare breed hens. Our colorful egg baskets include dark brown, brown, light brown, white, cream, green and blue eggs because of our large variety of pure breed heritage hens. We use high tunnels for season extension and year round herbs and produce for local CSA and family run cafe's. Our pork is raised here on the farm. We have Hereford breed hogs. Belle Belle Twitchy Tail is our beautiful Hereford Sow who is expecting piglets Thanksgiving Day. Flower & Freckles are our potbelly sows, and we have seven goats including our baby Periwinkle and matronly old girl, Gertrude - who we milk. We also sell goat milk soaps with all natural ingredients! May 13th 2013 is a projected opening date for our Tyler Creek Farms Bed & Breakfast.