Aimée Bond

My name's Aimée Rebecca Bond.. I was born on 18th August, I'mma Leo nand a cool person in general! x3 I made one of these things ages ago but completely forgot about it until recently, and then I thought 'Meh, why not use it!' So here I am using it :D

Okay, so.. Here's some stuff about me:

I'mma majoy John Barrowman fan! He's the original JB.. Not 'Bieber!'-.- He is an inspiration, idol and role model.. His voice is astonishing, his acting amazing, and he's a genuine person who doesnt put on a fake persona like so many other celebs.. What I'd give to meet you.. <3

I think David Tennant was such an amazing Doctor.. Cor, he was actually so good I can't even explain! He's well fit as well ;) I have a life-size cut out of him, posters, figures, calendars, ya know.. The works :D

I love music, far too much! At school, if I'm not in a lesson then I have my headphones in :)
I have a very varied taste in music, here's some examples of people I like:

John Barrowman
Paul Weller
Paolo Nutini
Linkin Park
You Me At Six
All Time Low
The Clash
Joe Strummer
The Jam
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

And so many more^

I figure I'm writing too much and no one will ever read it all LOL :)
Oh well, it's fun :D

Erm, I'm currently at The Bushey Academy in sixth form, studying:

When I'm older I wanna do summit to do with Advertising or Film production.. That'd be EPIC :)

Oh yeah and I'm a tomyboy :3
Not gonna lie, I am:) Not as bad as I used to be :D
But still more than some :) But idc :D

If I didn't have messed up bones then I'd still be playing Football - The best sport ever!
I also like watching Golf, Cricket, Tennis etc :)
Playstation's are immense! Love 'em :D

What else can I write? Oh yah, I'm quite Nerdy, not majorly but yeah I sorta am nerdy but it's fun :3




Oh wow, there's so much more I could write, maybe one day...

Oh and of course, I love my boyfriend.. And yes, it's love, not what some people call love and then get a new partner the next week and say the same gahh, stupid people.. I hate people, especially rude, obnoxious and stereotypical people!

Christopher David Scott, 29.8.2011 xxxxxxxxxxx