Aime Y XH


A 'reformed' Type A, perfectionistic introvert, trying to live a life of faithful service.

I thrive on meaningful conversations, or in small groups where common interests are encouraged and esoteric ones explored.

I prefer depth over breadth.

Music and literature are particular interests. So are psychology, organisational development and research.

I tend to be obsessed over certain authors or genres for several years at a time. Fantasy took 3 years. C.S. Lewis another 4. Trollope for 2.

Nature: Sunrises and sunsets, waves crashing onto the breakers, songbirds flitting among flowers, the cold wind on my face and the stars in the clear night sky when you're out on the sea. Reminders of my Lord's love for me.

  • Work
    • Transforming the web, one website at a time.
  • Education
    • Master of Arts (English Literature)