Aimi Baldwin

Dynamic. Dedicated. Energetic. Dependable. All are words used to describe Aimi Baldwin. While earning her BS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail (Feb. 2013), she maintained a 4.0 GPA overall and received multiple Course Director awards as well as the honored Advanced Achiever. The degree expands on her AS in Business Administration and Accounting from University of Maine earned in 2006.

Spending many years in the greeting card and print industries helped give Aimi an appreciation for the arts and learn the finer intricacies of accounting for them. Her successful term offered the opportunity to develop domestic and international marketing plans, oversee many aspects of sales and distribution, and to build relationships across the nation with key clients, sales reps, artists and customers of all statures. Although challenging and exciting, the time came to realign skills and experience with a long-held passion- live entertainment production- and that's exactly what she's doing. In 2010 she began building skills as a stagehand and delving into the music industry at large. Lights. Amps. Action!

Life has much to offer and success can be measured in many ways. When not working and studying, Aimi's adventurous side can't be contained. Some favorite activities include salsa dancing, sailboat racing, and skydiving. Traveling extensively and having lived all over the US, there is a deep appreciation and love of people and culture. There is always a new way to look at something, a way to push yourself, and a time to quietly be grateful.

It's not bragging if you can do it. (Dizzy Dean)