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Aimi Duong

I am an entrepreneur, freelance makeup artist and full-time love activist with the goal of getting closer to the perfect day I've imagined and designed for myself. I envision my days from beginning to end, living with full intent - every waking moment doing something I am passionate about, interacting with people I love and am inspired by and making a difference in the lives of other people along the way.

As founder of Oimei, I spend my days attempting to create a positive impact in the global textile industry by working to economically empower women in rural Thailand selling fair trade, hand-crafted home decor and accessories

A majority my time is dedicated to utilizing my creative energy as a Makeup Artist. I do everything from maternity shoots to boudoir and weddings; I love it all! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing women and helping them re-focus on themselves for a moment of pampering. Best of all, their first reactions in front of the mirror gives me the ultimate satisfaction!

Connect with me through my blog, twitter, and facebook.

My Affiliations:

Oimei (Founder) - Shop pillows for peace & empower women in rural Thailand.

Linx Dating (Assistant Cupid) - Looking for love?

Makeup Artistry (Freelance Artist) - Book an appointment with me.

Sunday Friends (Program Leader) - Volunteer with me.