Ammar Vohra


He got so many tidbits, a mixture of bits. A bit funny and naughty... a bit smart and stupid, a bit quiet and shy, loud in between.. a bit weak and strong all depends on the situations. He's a whole package of every little bit from every little thing that exists around him internally and externally and yet a big *open minded human being.. He's more complicated than most and yet *passionate* and *kind hearted* human I would say. He's an observer, a dreamer, an ass-kicker of his own world... and perhaps he thinks a lot more than he acts, or speaks...He has a way with words that might be well understood by few, and yet misunderstood by many. He has a few sets of principles in life and sticks with his own *Philosophy*. He may not be lonely. Not alone and yet *restless*... too difficult! I mean, He's too *different*! Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have fucked with? Well, That's him.

  • Work
    • Web Designer and Developer
  • Education
    • Computer Engineering Student