ux designer on AIM

AIM is re-inventing conversation, and we need your help. Our office is in San Francisco. Here's what we're looking for:

5+ years (or equivalent experience) designing highly usable, elegant interfaces for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Has designed and shipped a breakthrough product to the market or redesigned an existing mid-level product, turning it into a winner.

Capable of proposing out-of-the-box solutions to any problem.

An expert and fanatical eye for the little details that make or break a great design.

Directly experienced with obtaining consumer feedback, versed in the benefits/limitations of various methods, and has acted thoughtfully to improve a product based on said feedback.

Able to collect secondary research and pro-actively suggest areas requiring primary research.

Directly experienced with using analytics to guide product design.

Prototyping skills in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript desirable.

Strong proficiency with Illustrator and Photoshop desirable.

In addition you should be great at:

Working out tricky user experience flows, exploring multiple interaction models, and accounting for edge cases.

Collaborating with engineers and product management to ensure the final product meets your design specs.