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RESIDENTS could save money on their fuel bills and receive a cash injection thanks to a national cash back scheme.

Charnwood Borough Council is working with Nationwide Solar to promote the ‘Green Deal’, a scheme which gives householders the chance to make energy-saving changes to their homes without paying for them upfront.

People making Green Deal improvements will be entitled to a share of available cash back vouchers towards the cost of the work.

David Harris, Charnwood Borough Council’s Head of Strategic and Private Sector Housing, said: “The Green Deal offers the chance to make improvements, from a new boiler to loft insulation and installing solar panels, and to pay for it back over time through energy bills.

"Not sure if the Green Deal is for you? Then visit Cattle Market, Loughborough on Friday, September 6 and come along to the Nationwide Solar ‘bus’ from 10am to 5pm."

Before Green Deal improvements are made, homeowners and people renting in the private sector must have a Green Deal assessment carried out. The Council is currently offering a limited number for free on a first come, first served basis.

Green Deal assessments take approximately two hours. An assessor will visit your home to help decide if Green Deal improvements could benefit you.

Recommended improvements do not have to be taken up, but only Green Deal assessors can produce a plan for your home.

Anyone who agrees to have improvements made can then apply for Green Deal vouchers, through the cash back scheme. The improvements are then paid for over time through energy bills, and a lump-sum cash back voucher is given.

People agreeing to have loft insulation will receive £100 cash back, while solid wall insulation makes householders eligible for £650 cash back, the more improvements made, the more cash back can be claimed.

For more information on the scheme visit, contact the Council’s Private Sector Housing team on 01509 634937 or email

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