Cahaya Iris (RAUNA NIA)

Somewhere we call Malaysia.

Cahaya Iris (RAUNA NIA)

Somewhere we call Malaysia.

Name given Nur Ain Anuar,

A student of the Department of Estate Management, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, Campus UiTM Shah Alam.

Basically I'm a Founder of RNia's Collections where all of your need might be found here in my blog. I'm a businesswoman in progress to form as an entrepreneur. Why did I said that? Find the answer in my blog alright.

Under RNia's Collections, I'm the trusted distributor/agent for Hai-O Marketing in the Top Leaders Circle community majoring in Premium Beautiful as a Premium Beautiful Expert and minor in some other products offered by the company. On top of that, I'm also a trusted agent for Tone Excel under BisnesJaya PADU as well as a trusted agent for Sufy Tihany apparels.

Do find your needs in my blog.
Be please to check around.
You might found your path here with me too.

I'm always here to provide your need and help you living towards better future. May Allah puts barakah in our transaction affairs.


Your trusted agent,

Nur Ain Anuar(Rauna Nia) (:

  • Work
    • Tadabbur ALAM & MANUSIA buat muhasabah diri. ^^,
  • Education
    • Mari belajar sehingga Jannah :)