Aina Vives

Student in Islas Baleares, España

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What’s up, I’m Aina. I’m a student living in Islas Baleares, Spain. I am a fan of dogs, sports, and photography. I’m also interested in music and travel. I love the pasta!!! In my free time I watch comedy films or take the dog for a walk. I really like going shopping in Porto Pi, my favourites shopps are Breshka, H&M and Tezenis. I like basketball, I used to play it, but this year I don't play it. I am a positive, smily, optimistic, confident, funny and calm person. I'm scared of spiders, snakes and rats. My favourites youtubers are "Auronplay" and " Wismichu", they are very funny.

My favourite song is "Treat You Better", for Shawn Mendes. You can listen to my music with a click on the button above.